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Who are we?

The roots of the company go back to the year 1978 when the art workshop named Sitografija was established. Through continuous investment in knowledge and development, the craft quickly grew into the company Grafika art, LLC. The present smaller, but much more friendly, group of colleagues is made up of individuals of different profiles and generations, who together form a creative whole. Large companies talk about performance, and smaller ones talk about quality and commitment. The latter ones are our core guidelines towards becoming a reliable partner, whose solutions go beyond mere technical and quality solutions. Original solutions are our favorite challenge.

What do we do?

laminated packaging for several industries

  • consultancy and expert assistance;
  • development and graphic design;
  • packaging design;
  • production of packaging samples.

In the Grafika art print work, we are also actively focused on mastering professional technologies for the preparation, printing and finishing of all kinds of printed materials, and paper and self-adhesive labels. We also give advice on a wide selection of different materials. Thus, in one place we combine all the necessary knowledge and creativity to create comprehensive graphic solutions:

  • graphic design of all types of printed matter and labels;
  • preparing customer's files for printing;
  • production of test prints.

Our work

What are we producing?


We are already trusted by many customers from different industries.